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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapter 8 (Part 5)

Chapter 8 (Part 5)
Jun Hui took a deep breath, and started to recite one of his complicated spells.

“εξήντα τέσσερις bringers της φωτιάς, λάβουν σοβαρά υπόψη την έκκλησή μου ... “(sixty four bringers of fire, heed my call...)

Spell insignias started forming around Jun Hui...

“Εκπληρώσει την επιθυμία μου, να κάνω...” (Fulfill my wish, do my bidding...)

One by one fiery fire balls started appearing and swirling around Jun Hui like a tornado...

“και να καθαρίσει αυτό το σκοτάδι!” (and cleanse this darkness!)

The fire spirits connected together, and formed one long fire dragon, speeding towards the now advancing army.

“Ελευθερώστε!” (Unleash!)

The fire dragon hit and exploded into a group of soldiers, vaporising them on the spot. But as quickly as they were destroyed, another group of soldiers filled in their spaces, like their whole supply was endless.
“This is hopeless...” Jun Hui muttered to himself, as he started casting spells in every direction, at every skeleton soldier he could see.

Ren stood behind Jun Hui, still in half a daze at the horrors which were unfolding in front of her. She knew Jun Hui stood almost no chance of winning, and yet she could do nothing...

The man in the dark robe noticed that Jun Hui was too busy fending off the soldiers to guard Ren, and he saw this as an opportunity to make his move.

“I the great evil necromancer Qi Ren will vanquish you all!” He conjured a purple lollipop condensed with dark energy, and fired a bolt of black magic at Ren, hoping to kill her with that strike.

“AHHHHHHH!” Ren’s shout made Jun Hui turn around. The dark energy was hurtling towards her, and he was too far and too slow to conjure a magic shield to protect her.

“NOOOO!” Jun Hui screamed, as time seemed to slow down, and the dark energy exploded on impact. Their was a blinding flash of light, and he was temporarily blinded...

Too see that Ren was unharmed, other than being knocked down to the ground.

The necromancer also looked surprised. “What the...”

Ren saw this as an opportunity to help out Jun Hui, as realization dawned upon her.

As Jun Hui blasted apart another group of skeleton soldiers, she went up to him and whispered in his ear.

“Open up a temporal portal. I’ll push him into it, and if their master is gone, the skeletons won’t fight anymore...”

“What, No! Why would I risk you? It’s impossible! You can’t stand against his spells!”

“I just did! I won’t get hurt by any form of magic, so just send me there...” Tears started rolling down her face.

Jun Hui didn’t know why, but his heart started feeling an unbearable pain... Yet his duty to the king was also as important. He knew sacrifices had to be made, but why did it hurt so much?

“Ανοίξτε την πύλη του σκότους, να ανοίξει τα βάθη της κόλασης, θα καλέσει σοι πύλητης μοίρας!” (Open up the gate of darkness, Open up the depths of hell, I summon thee gate of doom!)

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine... But just in case...”

Ren kissed him full in the lips. There and then, at the apex of their danger, they both
knew that they loved each other, but they were not meant to be.

Jun Hui’s tears were falling like raindrops, his whole body was shaking uncontrollably. Ren held on to him, saying “Calm down... Just focus...”

He started reciting the most powerful spell in his arsenal.

“Κύριος του ουρανού,
Λόρδος της κόλασης,
Δώσε μου δύναμη,
Δώσε μου τη σοφία,
Αστραπές από τον ουρανό,
Αλυσίδες από την κόλαση,
Τραγούδια από τους αγγέλους,
Κραυγές από το διάβολοι,
Καταστρέψτε αυτό το κακό μια για πάντα!”

(Lord of heaven,
Lord of hell,
Grant me power,
Grant me wisdom,
Lightning from heaven,
Chains from hell,
Songs from the angels,
Screams from the devils,
Destroy this evil once and for all!)

A single beam of light shot down from the sky, a beam of darkness rose from the depths. Both of them collided between, and created an explosion so fast that both Jun Hui and Ren were blown away. The evil necromancer used his purple lollipop and erected such a powerful magic shield and he just took on the full brunt of the explosion.

But all the skeleton soldiers were blasted away momentarily, and Ren ran all the way next to the necromancer, as Jun Hui’s portal opened up next to them.

“DIE!” She screamed at him, pushed at him , as he tried to kill her with his spells, but they were all nullified. With one final shove, she pushed the necromancer into the portal, and herself in it. That was the only way she could prevent himself from coming back out. At least the kingdom has happiness, she reasoned to herself.

Jun Hui collapsed to the ground, spent with grief and exhaustion. He had already seen it coming. Why did he let her go?


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