In fairytales, there is NO homework.

It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chapter 7 - The Lost

Chapter 7

Kim’s body was to be buried under the palace grounds, a final act that the King could do for Mitchel to soothe his heart.
At the funeral, Mitchel’s face was ashen and he was shaking uncontrollably as he set the coffin into the burial plot, muttering words of revenge. Arthur asked Mitchel to return back to his quarters, and ordered everyone not to disturb him to let him have his own time alone.
The sun had set by then, and everyone was tired and sad for Mitchel’s lost even though Kim had tried to kill the royal babies. Everyone returned for rest and all prayed for Mitchel to get over his loss.
The next morning, when Jun Hui tried to visit Mitchel, obviously ignoring the King’s orders. He only found a note with nothing else left in the room. The note wrote:
“Dear King and all,

I cannot bear to stay here any longer. The fact that I had lost her twice is too much bear for me. Please pardon me for my treason and the fact that I left without saying another word. You can lock me up in the dungeons for the rest of my life, after I
have had my revenge on him...

Your Servant,
Mitchel “

The King flew into an obvious outrage and ordered all his men out to capture Mitchel, for fear he might cause another disaster to happen with his anger and control over himself.

But sadly, the King’s men could not do anything. Mitchel had gone. For the better or for the worse?

*End of Arc*
I decided once again to write hahahaha.


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