In fairytales, there is NO homework.

It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Chapter 5 - Forgotten Love

“Really, Kim, I don’t have much time left...”
*Mitchel breaks free of Kim’s grasp, and steps off the star-gazing rock.”
“Mitch, you know I can’t live without you. Why are you doing this to torment me?”
*Mitch turns around to face Kim for a last time. Kim sees the tears falling from him*
“As much as I would like to, I can’t disobey the King. You know how torn apart I am about this? You know what I went through just to make this decision?”
“If I have to say this, I will... LEAVE ME ALONE!”
*Mitchel runs away from Kim, and Kim just sits on the rock, crying her heart out...”

*Back to the present*

Mitchel looks at Kim, Kim looks at Mitchel. “you.” They both mouth.
Mitchel reaches out to grab Kim, but Kim whacks his hand away. “Don’t. Touch. Me.” Kim drops out of Mitchel’s reach.
“NOOOOOOOOO!” Mitchel jumps out of the window, trying to catch Kim.
Kim lands on the floor with expertise, and runs as fast and as far as she can from Mitchel, now that they have met each other in ten years... All her hurt...

*To the past*

(After Mitchel had left, Kim became withdrawn and started to scare her parents, as she neither ate nor drank. She became a shell of her former bubbly self, until one day...)
“WHERE IS HE?” A loud gruff voice shouts.
“He’s not... here...” Kim hears her mother speak.
*Kim stands up, and walks out to face the man that was in her house. He stood taller than her by a head, and was looking down at her with indifference.*
“I. Can. Help.” Kim says.
*The man starts laughing hysterically* “You? Don’t... Make... Me... Laugh...”
*Kim walks up, grabs the man in a death grip, and launches him to the ground, making him moan in pain...”
“That good enough for you?
“Yes... Yes... You can meet the Boss...”
And so, Kim became a rebel assassin who had assassinated a great deal of people who were hindering the process of the rebellion. She became a very trusted aid of the Boss, who was Hakeem. Because of her, the rebellion became very strong and was ready for a full-scale attack on the country, but not before the assassination of the prince and princesses.

*Back to the present*

Reuven was sleeping in his own room when he heard the commotion that was going on in the castle. He decided to get up and investigate. With great haste, he went down to the courtyard, bow at the ready, preparing to face whatever he saw.
He saw Kim running past him, then Mitchel. Kim turned around and saw Reuven, her eyes gleaming with recognition. It was as if as she said “help”. Reuven knew what he had to do.
He notched and arrow to his bow, and let it fly.
To Mitchel.

What will happen next? I am posting this due to everyone’s clamoring for it.
Tata, you friendly neighbourhood writer, Jun Hui


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