In fairytales, there is NO homework.

It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a king named Arthur. He was a good king, and the country prospered over his reign. But all that changed in one day.
On that day, ominous clouds brewed over the country, and there was thunder and lightning all over the country. Arthur was fretting on his throne. There had been recent reports of a monster making his way through the country, destroying entire villages and killing people. All efforts to stop it were unsuccessful. The monster was now nearing the castle, and Arthur was mustering all his forces against this terrible evil.
Just then, Queen Denise walked in and saw her husband’s face creased with worry lines. In an effort to comfort him, she asked, “What’s wrong dear?”
Arthur answered in a deflated tone, “The country is doomed, a monster is going to destroy us all. We’re doomed.”
Naturally, Denise was an optimistic person, and did not approve of her husband’s pessimism.
“You are NOT giving up! We still have the Royal Knights! Call for them!”
Arthur lightened up a bit at the thought. “Summon the Royal Knights!”
Soon, the whole group of the Royal Knights was assembled in the throne room. There was Wei Kang the Mechanist, Ilya the Beast Tamer, Reuven the Marksman, Jun Hui the Grand Wizard, Isaac the Behemoth and Mitchel the Gladiator.
“We are facing an impending disaster, and you are our only hope in overcoming this crisis.” Arthur told them solemnly. They nodded their heads, knowing how much rested on their shoulders.
They broke up into two-man groups, Ilya with Isaac, Reuven with Mitchel, and Wei Kang with Jun Hui.
The first group to meet the monster was Isaac and Ilya.
“GOSH! THIS THING IS HUGE!” Ilya exclaimed. Even Isaac had to agree, as big as he was. Unfortunately for them, the monster saw them first, and bellowed. “BULK HUNGRY!” The bellow was so strong that it uprooted the trees around them, and Ilya had to hold on to his dear life on Isaac, and even Isaac was almost blown away.
“I summon thee, the animals of the air! Aid me against this evil” Ilya shouted once he had recovered. Birds, insects and all sort of aerial lifeforms started to gather around the monster, created a huge current of wind, but the monster held its ground.
“Looks like it needs some persuasion.” Isaac muttered. He walked over to the nearest oak tree and uprooted it. Holding it like a javelin, he took aim at the monster, and threw it. Even though the monster was gigantic, he still could not ignore a direct hit from an oak tree in his face. He roared in anger. “BULK ANGRY!” The monster started swatting the animals with his meaty hands. Animals were dropping left right centre, and the ones that survived kept their distance from the monster or escaped. The veil of animals had lifted and the monster could see Ilya and Isaac clearly.
“oh no. run.” Ilya told Isaac in a flat voice as he saw the energy beam that was being created in the monster’s mouth. Isaac saw the beam too, and he did not need to be told twice. He started galloping at full speed across the forest, but the trees in the forest blocked him and seriously hampered his speed. He could not avoid the beam. It tore through the forest like a hedge trimmer, leaving behind a half mile long burn streak in the forest. Ilya and Isaac was in it, both burnt down, and both had sustained heavy injuries. They could neither move nor speak as they lapsed into unconsciousness.
Reuven and Mitchel saw the scene of devastation from Reuven’s giant eagle. “Let’s go quickly to help them!” Mitchel told Reuven. The eagle swooped down to the scene as Reuven unloaded arrow after arrow on the monster. Bomb or electric, they had not much effect on the monster, just irritating it. The moment the eagle was in range, the monster suddenly jumped up and made a grab for the eagle. Reuven and Mitchel, seeing disaster, quickly tried to avoid the grab by commanding the eagle to swoop down drastically to avoid it. “AHHHHH!!!” Reuven shouted as they hurtled straight towards the hard ground.
“PULL UP! PULL UP!” Mitchel yelled in Reuven’s ear. They were racing down the length of the monster now, and its hand was reaching out to grab them. Mitchel knew what he had to do. “Thanks Reuven.” He leapt off the eagle, took out his sword, and lunged towards the monster. The monster had to protect itself, so instead of going after Reuven, it went after Mitchel. The meaty hand slammed into Mitchel at full force and speed. “ooof!” Mitchel heard bones being crushed as he fell down and into unconsciousness......
Reuven saw Mitchel slam into the ground with blood spattering everywhere. “YOU THING! HOW DARE YOU...” Reuven raged, “I AM SO GONNA MURDER YOU!!!”
Reuven took out his best bow and best arrows. “DIE!!!” he screamed, shooting heavy artillery arrows, plasma arrows, grenade arrows, static arrows, arrows that all brought certain doom to people. It seemed to have little effect on the monster, who had a shockingly thick skin, and was really pissing Reuven off. Soon, Reuven was down to his last arrow, a gift from his father. “Use it only at close range, son.” That was what his father had told him. Reuven was driven so mad with grief and rage that he charged with his eagle directly at the monster, not caring what would have had happened. The monster just casually swatted away the eagle before Reuven was able to shoot.
As Reuven hurtled through the air, he thought, “Dad, I failed...” He slammed into a tall tree and spurt blood out of his mouth as he made a dent in the tree. “Sorry...” were the last few words he muttered...
The last group could hear the battle go on as they advanced on land. Wei Kang was in his new rocket launcher ship he made specially for this, while Jun Hui was standing on a current of wind. Both made swift progress through the forest.
“God.” Wei Kang muttered as they entered the battlezone. Fires were raging out of control. “What is this?” Jun Hui said, still in shock as he controlled water to douse out the fires. “BULK HAPPY! BULK SMASH BAD BIRD!” “Bird?” Both of them said. “Oh no! Reuven!!!” Wei Kang realised and started to search for him. “No time. This means that Reuven has lost. We must waste no time trying to stop this monster.” Jun Hui stopped him. “I’m sure Reuven would understand.” Wei Kang could not help but agree. He nodded and they both tried to move through the path of destruction to where the monster was standing.
“Ugh, he smells.” Wei Kang spat as they neared. “Lemme take a shot at him.” He took out his rocket launcher, and before Jun Hui could stop him, he shot a rocket at the monster. The rocket trailed all the way and hit the monster with a loud “BANG!” as it hit its target. The monster bellowed in pain and turned around, looking for the thing that caused it pain. His searching eyes found the duo easily, as Wei Kang unleashed a barrage of rockets at him and Jun Hui hurled chunks of rocks at it.
The monster started to destroy the projectiles one by one with his right hand, while blocking the rocks with his left. It looked as pissed off as much as any monster could get. “oh.” Wei Kang was surprised that his calculations had failed. He pretty much predicted that he could down the monster with that barrage. “RUN!” Jun Hui screamed at him, breaking him out of his thoughts. He saw the monster’s foot reach towards him, and thought that it the end. “Oh well.” Wei Kang let out his sigh as the foot slammed down with a loud “CRUNCH”.
“Darn it, now Wei Kang is down. I presume the others are too.” Jun Hui said to himself as he gathered all the energy he had for a last attack on the monster. “Thats one tough piece of meat to burn. Wonder if fire hurts him.” Mustering all his strength, he created a hugh ball of flames and threw it at the monster, praying that it would do some damage.
Sadly, it did nothing. The monster’s tail just whacked a piece of debris towards him. Jun Hui made no attempt to escape as he was too tired and had no more energy in him. The body flew ten feet in the air before landing with a sickening “THUD!”
Arthur overlooked all this in his flying zeppelin. “Even the Royal Knights failed...” Denise muttered. IS THIS THE END? chap 1 - end


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