In fairytales, there is NO homework.

It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This story is on hold until I have some idea on what to do with it. Meanwhile, will start new story. I may show the url.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - To the death

As the Royal Knights moved on towards to the sacred shrine of The Stone, Hakeem had amassed his army of undead, and other forms of evil that was once banished from the kingdom. Qi Ren was currently trying to find a way to revive the Bulk, which Hakeem believed would give them a huge advantage over the King.

“Go forth Reuven and Kim, bring me word once the first city is crushed.” Hakeem told Reuven as he prepared himself to lead the army.

“Yes my Lord, I will bring you glory, and rid the kingdom of that pathetic excuse for a king for you.”


After a long trip to the Shrine, the brave knights finally reached the place of The Stone. The entrance was desolate and empty, silence lingering in the still air.

“Let’s move on... I have a feeling this trip is not going to be easy...” Roy muttered as he took the lead.

Not 3 steps into the shrine, Roy stepped on a booby trap. Arrows sprung out from many different locations and started attacking the knights. Isaac, being the biggest among them, with his thick hide, was able to suffer from the arrows without much damage. Roy extended his dragon wings to protect his other two teammates.

After 3 minutes of running and continuous blocking, they finally ran away from the trap.

“BE CAREFUL NEXT TIME.” Isaac was shouting at Roy, as he plucked out arrows from his butt. “IT HURTS YOU KNOW!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry...” Roy apologised profusely, bowing down to him.

“Just be careful next -” Isaac stopped mid sentence as he stepped on another trigger, suddenly opening another trap door, which caused the groups to fall into what seemed like an endless abyss.

“AAAAAAAAA!!!” Ilya scream out, “WHY YOU ALL!!!!”

After they fell, the trap door closed, sealing their way to escape, leaving them in darkness as they fell into the dark pits of endless abyss.

Short chapter into their beginning of the trainings at the Sacred Shine, I can safely assure you 2 out of the 4 knights out there would die. :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 15 (Improvement)

Chapter 15 (Improvement)

Kim stuck by with Reuven every single day, every bit of whatever he did, he was with her. He could make her believe anything. He had already convinced her, that they were the good guys, and the king was evil, even though that had already been what she had known before she died, and undied.

“Soon, my love, it would be time to reclaim what is ours, from the stupid king...” Reuven whispered softly into her ear as she pecked him on his cheek, as they finished another planning session with Hakeem. The army was ready to go.


Meanwhile, back at the castle, the Royal Knights were all assembled and healed in front of the King, all having only one request: To improve themselves, so that they might stand a better chance against the forces of darkness.

“NO! I can’t just have you going and leave me here all by myself!!!” The King was in a rage, all his knights just wanted to leave like that?

“Sir, we have to go, you saw how easily we were beaten the other time, we have to go. We know that the place to go is the sacred shrine of The Stone, please let us go....” Isaac pleaded with him.

“I.... Said... NO!” Arthur was hopping mad with anger, and perhaps fear? He felt woefully inadequate without them.

“Don’t worry Arthur, they need the training, you still have your soldiers, don’t worry...” Denise tried to calm him down, to try to persuade him, she knew they needed to improve too.

All at once, Arthur’s rage faltered, and he mumbled... “Fine... Go, but come back the moment I instruct you too...”

With that, Roy, Ilya, Isaac, Wei Kang, set off to the sacred shrine of The Stone, hoping to find a way to improve their skills.

I know this is short, but well, enjoy this SHORT SHORT chapter. I'm away currently, in both body and mind~

Dear Readers...

Due to the circumstances in reality, yes I base my story on some parts of reality, some parts on fiction, the current situation does not allow me to continue writing. I will change the previous chapter in hope that the story proceeds smoothly from that point, and I am sorry for any inconvinience caused.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chapter 14 (Return)

Chapter 14 (Return)

At Hakeem’s rebel fortress, Matthew reappeared in front of Hakeem’s throne of skeleton bones.

“Sir, the revival of her is complete.”

“Is she on the way back?”

“I expect her to be here anytime soon.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the lights in the room flickered as a dark figure rose from the ground, surrounded by shadows of darkness. He was supporting someone in an ice casing, someone familiar.

“Ahhh, my dear Kimberly... Why did you have to die? Why, was it worth it? Please do take place with the mind reconfiguration. Dream Weaver, proceed with haste.”

“I can’t oh exalted leader, I need HER power. Mine alone is not sufficient.”

Giving an exasperated look, Hakeem threw his hands up in the air and sighed.

“Well, well. Guards, fetch her.”

The skeleton guards at the door stormed out quickly, and returned with a girl dressed in garments as dark as a moonless night. She looked exactly like Matthew, but unlike Matthew, her eyes, were glazed over, as if as she had no emotion...

“Millie! Wake up, your brother’s here!” He shook her, trying his best to evoke an ounce of emotion from her, yet she remained as passive as ever. He clenched his fist, cursing Hakeem for putting such a terrible curse on her, making her oblivious to the world. Without her strong magical properties, she would have wasted away already.

“Damn...” Matthew was still waiting for a day, in which Hakeem would foul up, then he would kill him to destroy the curse. But for now, he had to abide by Hakeem’s requests.

Casting a magical circle around the ice casing, he channeled both his and Millie’s power, and worked on the mind reconfiguring the figure, arranging it to what they all had discussed in the first place.


Back at Arthur’s castle, Arthur was horrified at what his selfish notions has caused, if he as the King could not control himself, how was he to lead?

The Royal Knights were also a huge mess. Even though the best doctors and healers had tried their best, they still needed time to recover.

Each knight blamed themselves for being so powerless, to be beaten to easily. They all wished to train and to be stronger.

After the casting of the spell, Matthew was gasping for air. The spell had taken a lot out of him, as he was afraid of draining Millie of her magical energy.

“It should work fine now, tampering with memories isn’t easy. I need to rest.”

Hakeem laughed a diabolic laugh, and dismissed both him and Millie.

“Now, bring in the one she is supposed to meet, and while you’re at it necromancer, unfreeze her.”

Without saying a further word, the necromancer started to melt the ice, then he proceeded to walk out of the room.

“Well, I had to say, it was pretty remarkable for you to escape that portal, especially with the magic immunity girl, and that mage.”

“What needs to be done, will be done. I merely let myself lose on purpose.” The necromancer smiled, and left the room.


The moment her body regained her senses, her head started to hurt...

“Who am I? Where am I? What happened?” Questions were bursting out in her mind. Then there was also this voice, that was very annoying to her.

“Kim! Kim! Can you hear me?”

Kim opened her eyes, and instinctively shielded herself from the glare of the light around her. As vision returned to her, she noticed a tall, muscular figure with his hands around her shoulders.

“Who is he? Am I Kim?”

“Kim, respond please! I’m Reuven! Don’t you remember me?”

Reuven.... The name struck a chord in her jumbled mind. Who was he? He seemed to be very important to her... Who exactly was he?

Haze clearing from her sight, she took one clear look at Reuven, and suddenly everything in her world seemed to fall into place. She loved him, before something had happened to her. And he was the one to save her, was it not?

She threw herself in Reuven arms, smiling as tears of joy streamed down her eyes.

“I knew you would save me... I knew you would. You love me right?”

“Yes, I do Kim.” Reuven’s expression changed from worried to happy, and wore a huge smile on his face. He finally had captured the frozen heart Kim had, and melted it, so that she would only love him.

“Hahahahah. Mind reconfiguration successful, it seems.” The necromancer laughed to the rebel leader.

“Yes Qi Ren, I told you it would work, no matter the risk. Now the King shall be tormented as I take over his lands!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!”

YES YES PEOPLE I HAVE CHANGED THE NAMES AGAIN HAHAHAHA. The last one was Lincoln if you didn’t know. Why has Reuven joined the dark forces? 

Well, some impressive new characters have appeared. What's going to happen next?
To Royal Knights:
Please do tell me what upgrades do you want before you "go for training", as at this rate, your King will be killed within seconds.