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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chapter 4 - triple trouble (part one)

Chap 4 (part one) - Triple Trouble

And so, Arthur started telling the Royal Doctor, “Get me the BEST herbs! I don’t care how much they cost! Your budget is increased!”
The Royal Doctor’s face lit up like a light bulb when he heard that his money resources was not a problem now. He started ranting off a long list of tonics... “Birds Nest, Deer’s Antlers, 1000-year old Ginseng, etc...”
After a long list of two hundred and sixty-seven tonics, the Royal Doctor wrote a check for the King. It read, “2000000 US dollers.” Arthur’s eyes bulged out at the amount, but for the sake of the Queen, he decided to pay the Royal Doctor.
“Wait...” The Queen’s still weak voice floated out... “I don’t think I can stomach all this weird tonics. Please Arthur, just a few bird nests and some ginseng will do...”
Not wanting to agitate the Queen, the King told the Royal Doctor, “You heard what she said. This should be within the budget I gave you.”
The Royal Doctor’s hopes were dashed as fast as they had came. But because he was in front of the King, he had no choice but to keep a straight face and nodded and smiled cheerfully.
A whole month passed, and the Royal Knights were better, though they were not fully recovered yet. But that is in another part of the story. This chapter is focused on something else.
As I said, a month had passed, and the Queen was getting tired of eating tonics everyday and not being able to keep most of them in, which meant frequent visits to the bathroom. And on top of that, Denise was not eating much, which worried Arthur very much. He went to Denise, after she said that she did not feel up to dinner.
“What’s wrong darling? You look very pale, and you don’t eat anything. You are worrying me, you know.”
“I’m so sorry Arthur, I just wanted to eat something, but then I didn’t want you to go through all that trouble to get it for me...”
“What is it? Name it, and I shall get it for you, I promise...”
“I want... The durians you got for me when we went to another country...”
“WHAT!!! THATS LIKE SO FAR AWAY!!!” Arthur thought in his mind. But for the sake of the Queen, he had to summon his best men and assign them to fetch the durians from the faraway land, and whoever got it first would be rewarded greatly.
Three days passed, five, a week... There was no news yet and Denise was eating lesser and lesser everyday. The Royal Doctor could not make her eat anything. Whatever was eaten was vomited out...
But after 10 days from the day he had dispatched his men, one of his men came back with a small bundle of durians. “huff... puff... King, the rest is on the way. I feared that the Queen could not wait, and so I rushed to the castle first.

chap 3 (part one) - end
dear readers, to prevent over reading, I have cut this chapter into three pieces, or two, if you wish. Anyways, this is part 1. Enjoy!


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