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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chapter 5 part 2 (Forgotten Love, The Battle)

Chapter 5 part 2 (Forgotten Love, The Battle)

Mitchel never saw the arrow coming. The arrow, with Reuven’s marksmanship, lodged itself perfectly within the chink in Mitchel’s battered armor (the left shoulder).
“AAAAAAAHHHHH!” Mitchel screamed in pain was the arrow had been coated with a layer of acid. Mitchel stumbled to the ground, screaming in pain and clutching his left shoulder.
Reuven was at a loss of what to do. He had just shot his friend, his teammate, all for the sake of someone he thought had come back for him, or was it just his imagination? Leaving Mitchel to his own fate, Reuven ran in the direction of Kim.
The King, who had woke up in the whole commotion, saw that Mitchel was in trouble. He was also very disappointed in Reuven. Throughout the years, Arthur had never seen him lose all control of himself to shoot a teammate. Hurrying down with the Royal Doctor, Arthur went to help Mitchel while Denise went to calm down her children, who had started bawling.
“Are... you... Are you okay. Reuven shot you.?” Arthur asked Mitchel.
“My shoulder... It’s been poisoned...” Was all Mitchel could say as he took in the news. He knew this would happen, sooner or later.
The Royal Doctor took a brief look at the wound and said, “The poison’s not deep, I have a salve here, it should heal in a few minutes.” (Miracle potion designed by yours truly)
In a few minutes, Mitchel was back on his feet, though he looked pale. He staggered to the stables and got onto a horse... Arthur tried to stop him.
“Where are you going? You aren’t fit to move around just yet...”
“I’m sorry Arthur, I have been searching for this answer for ten years, and finally it appears in front of me, I HAVE to go.”
Arthur saw the determination in Mitchel’s eyes, and knew that he was wasting his efforts trying to convince him not to.
“Well then, May Apollow be with you, granting you a swift passage through your journey.”
Mitchel coaxed the horse out of the stables, then into a flat out gallop over the grassy field, hoping that Reuven and Kim had not got far. Mitchel had galloped for around ten minutes when he came to the edge of the forest and he could hear voices emitting from it. He got off the horse and slowly walked towards the voices, coming upon a clearing, where Reuven notched an arrow at Kim, and Kim was holding a dagger, poised to throw.
Mitchel held his sword up and calmly stepped into the moon-lit clearing.
“Drop the weapons.”
None of them did.
“Mitchel, she is mine, you will not harm her anymore.”
“Some talk from people who abandoned me like cowards ten years ago... I’m not yours Reuven, and I ain’t yours either, Mitchel.”
“What happened was...” Mitchel started.
Reuven notched his arrow tighter. “Kim will see, after I finish you off, the source of her pain!”
On that last (happy?) note, Reuven let his arrow fly. Mitchel expertly blocked it with his sword, and Reuven had time to notch a couple more arrows and let them fly at Mitchel.
“TAKE THIS YOU CREEP!” Reuven shouted as he shot a bomb arrow at Mitchel. Mitchel rolled out of the way as the arrow exploded a few feet from him, the explosion and noise deafening in the quiet clearing.
Kim tried to make use of the advantage to slip away but was caught by Mitchel.
In that flash, whoever knows what happened, Kim suddenly realised that she had been wrong all along and had come to her senses finally.
“I’m sorry Mitch, I’m so sorry...” Kim ran towards Mitchel.
They embraced each other for that brief moment before it was shattered again. Kim’s face turned from one of bliss to one of agony.
Sticking out of her back was one of Reuven’s arrows...

Chapter 5 part 2 - end


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