In fairytales, there is NO homework.

It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chapter 8 (Part 3)

Chapter 8 (Part 3)

“Should I bring you back where you came from?” Jun Hui asked politely.

“NO!” Ren burst out.

“I’m sorry, it was just that I came in here to save my father...” She apologised profusely.

“Your father?” Jun Hui queried.

“He was taken away by those skeleton soldiers a while back, and today I tried to sneak in and try to rescue him...”

“Wait... There’s a strong magical barrier around this area. How did you come in?”

“I don’t know, its just that when I crossed a certain line, it felt like I was walking through thick goo...”

Jun Hui contemplated for a moment... “Could she be one of the rare magic immune people? Doesn’t matter. We need to save her father as soon as possible.”

“How long has your father been gone?”

“Three days.”

“Then my lady, we must make haste, I fear that this part of the land may not be kind enough to spare him...”

Jun Hui took Ren’s hand in his, and with that, they both quickly rushed up along the mountain path, as Jun Hui could not just abandon her here while flying off with his own magic...

Sidenote: I'm very sorry, I was rushing homework, just managed to get up and writing a short part of the chapter. Chapter 8 is ending pretty soon. 2 more parts if I get the time...


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