In fairytales, there is NO homework.

It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 8 (Part 4)


After some time trudging along the mountain path, they finally reached the summit of one of the mountains. What they saw was terrifying beyond doubt.

Beneath the black cloud lay a huge army of skeleton soldiers. In the middle of the huge mass was a palace, as black as night itself.

“Oh. My. God.” Ren was beyond horror.

“I can’t see your father. Where is he?”

Suddenly, a man stepped out of the palace into the open. He was clothed in a dark black robe. His hand was grabbing another man’s head. The man being held was covered in blood, his clothes in tatters.Obviously dead.

“My father!” Ren gasped as she started towards the palace.

The man in the dark robe suddenly turned around... “Looks like we have some guests...”

The whole skeleton army turned around to face the both of them, all raising their swords and smiling as menacingly as possible.

“Oh damn.” Jun Hui said, as he prepared himself mentally for the slaughter that was going to come.


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