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It's true!!! Have you ever seen homework in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves??? Or tests in Cinderella??? Or Even Macs in Beauty & The Beast??? I don't think so. We have to do homework. But remember about fantasy, it's important to have some fantasy in our lives. NOT TOO MUCH!!! You don't want people to be going 'I SHALL SLAY THOU!!!' right?? Imagination drives us. Stay Happy S1-04 :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chapter 14 (Return)

Chapter 14 (Return)

At Hakeem’s rebel fortress, Matthew reappeared in front of Hakeem’s throne of skeleton bones.

“Sir, the revival of her is complete.”

“Is she on the way back?”

“I expect her to be here anytime soon.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the lights in the room flickered as a dark figure rose from the ground, surrounded by shadows of darkness. He was supporting someone in an ice casing, someone familiar.

“Ahhh, my dear Kimberly... Why did you have to die? Why, was it worth it? Please do take place with the mind reconfiguration. Dream Weaver, proceed with haste.”

“I can’t oh exalted leader, I need HER power. Mine alone is not sufficient.”

Giving an exasperated look, Hakeem threw his hands up in the air and sighed.

“Well, well. Guards, fetch her.”

The skeleton guards at the door stormed out quickly, and returned with a girl dressed in garments as dark as a moonless night. She looked exactly like Matthew, but unlike Matthew, her eyes, were glazed over, as if as she had no emotion...

“Millie! Wake up, your brother’s here!” He shook her, trying his best to evoke an ounce of emotion from her, yet she remained as passive as ever. He clenched his fist, cursing Hakeem for putting such a terrible curse on her, making her oblivious to the world. Without her strong magical properties, she would have wasted away already.

“Damn...” Matthew was still waiting for a day, in which Hakeem would foul up, then he would kill him to destroy the curse. But for now, he had to abide by Hakeem’s requests.

Casting a magical circle around the ice casing, he channeled both his and Millie’s power, and worked on the mind reconfiguring the figure, arranging it to what they all had discussed in the first place.


Back at Arthur’s castle, Arthur was horrified at what his selfish notions has caused, if he as the King could not control himself, how was he to lead?

The Royal Knights were also a huge mess. Even though the best doctors and healers had tried their best, they still needed time to recover.

Each knight blamed themselves for being so powerless, to be beaten to easily. They all wished to train and to be stronger.

After the casting of the spell, Matthew was gasping for air. The spell had taken a lot out of him, as he was afraid of draining Millie of her magical energy.

“It should work fine now, tampering with memories isn’t easy. I need to rest.”

Hakeem laughed a diabolic laugh, and dismissed both him and Millie.

“Now, bring in the one she is supposed to meet, and while you’re at it necromancer, unfreeze her.”

Without saying a further word, the necromancer started to melt the ice, then he proceeded to walk out of the room.

“Well, I had to say, it was pretty remarkable for you to escape that portal, especially with the magic immunity girl, and that mage.”

“What needs to be done, will be done. I merely let myself lose on purpose.” The necromancer smiled, and left the room.


The moment her body regained her senses, her head started to hurt...

“Who am I? Where am I? What happened?” Questions were bursting out in her mind. Then there was also this voice, that was very annoying to her.

“Kim! Kim! Can you hear me?”

Kim opened her eyes, and instinctively shielded herself from the glare of the light around her. As vision returned to her, she noticed a tall, muscular figure with his hands around her shoulders.

“Who is he? Am I Kim?”

“Kim, respond please! I’m Reuven! Don’t you remember me?”

Reuven.... The name struck a chord in her jumbled mind. Who was he? He seemed to be very important to her... Who exactly was he?

Haze clearing from her sight, she took one clear look at Reuven, and suddenly everything in her world seemed to fall into place. She loved him, before something had happened to her. And he was the one to save her, was it not?

She threw herself in Reuven arms, smiling as tears of joy streamed down her eyes.

“I knew you would save me... I knew you would. You love me right?”

“Yes, I do Kim.” Reuven’s expression changed from worried to happy, and wore a huge smile on his face. He finally had captured the frozen heart Kim had, and melted it, so that she would only love him.

“Hahahahah. Mind reconfiguration successful, it seems.” The necromancer laughed to the rebel leader.

“Yes Qi Ren, I told you it would work, no matter the risk. Now the King shall be tormented as I take over his lands!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!”

YES YES PEOPLE I HAVE CHANGED THE NAMES AGAIN HAHAHAHA. The last one was Lincoln if you didn’t know. Why has Reuven joined the dark forces? 

Well, some impressive new characters have appeared. What's going to happen next?
To Royal Knights:
Please do tell me what upgrades do you want before you "go for training", as at this rate, your King will be killed within seconds.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chapter 13: (WHAAAAAAAAT?)

Chapter 13: (WHAAAAAAAAT?)

“NOOOO!” Denise’s scream rang through the throne room.

She ran towards the edge of the gap, her face hurried and flustered, as if as she had discovered something.

“I... Had... A... Vision... Someone was using... us.... by.... sowing seeds of discord among us...”

“What????” Arthur was baffled.

“If I’m not wrong, he’s over there.” She pointed a trembling finger at a huge bush which was heavily shielded by leaves. The guards all rushed towards there. From there, they emerged clutching a small boy, dressed in a dark black cloak with his hood covered. He did not seem afraid, in fact, he was laughing madly.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAH Finally someone noticed me, to think it was the Queen in fact. Interesting... Yes, I am Matthew the Dream Weaver, and you people are powerless to stop me...”

Roy turned towards this Matthew, and still unable to control himself, charged at him.

“Begone, dragons who have no self control are not worth my time.”

With a wave of his hand, a ripple of dark energy burst from him, blowing everything and everyone away from him. But Roy, filled with energy, recovered almost instantly and rushed at him again.


“I told you. YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME!” Matthew’s hood flew off, and his jet-black eyes blazed with fury.

Roy instantly stopped in his tracks, as if as he had seem something, then suddenly just collapsed, whimpering on the floor, as if all his energy had just left him.

“GET HIM!!!!” Arthur shouted to his guards.

All the guards that were nearby rushed towards Matthew, but all he did was to throw his hood back on and let out a eerie laughter, while thick black smoke surrounded him as he faded away.


Meanwhile, somewhere along the area of Kim’s grave, a lollipop waved over the tombstone, and the ground started shaking. But no one noticed as all living souls were around the King right now.

A single hand rose from the earth, but now it was marked with the sign of a zombie.

AH, I broke my promise to mug. Well, here are some possible update I might work on.

The Royal Knights get an upgrade. (Yes 'cos they always lose)
1) Wei Kang - Mechanic to Cyborg
2) Ilya - Beast Tamer to Beast Former
3) Isaac - Behemoth to Leviathan
4) Reuven - Archer to Sharpshooter
5) Mitchel - Gladiator to Arms Master
6) Jun Hui - Mage to Shadow Mage

Yeah, I'll try to explain what that means at a later time. Roy doesn't need upgrades. He can easily pwn MOST of us.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 12 (Control Lost)

Chapter 12 (Control Lost)

 “The behemoth was too little for you, now I shall call upon my other 2 knights. GO WEI KANG AND ILYA.”

From the sky, the Beast Tamer descended from the sky on his great eagle, and Wei Kang jumped out of the throne room with his jet pack and flaming gauntlets.

“Let’s go!!! Ilya launched porcupines at Roy, while Wei Kang shot rockets at him.

“Damn...” Roy dodge the both of them by flying away into the sky.

“COWARD. WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY.” Arthur screamed at him. “KILL HIM!!”

“Wait, I’ll charge my laser beam at him and blast him into bits. Keep him occupied first.” Wei Kang told Ilya.

Ilya started sending birds of prey aerial creatures after Roy, keeping him trapped in a flurry of activity. Wei Kang aimed his laser at him and started collecting energy, the laser projector emitting a steady hum.

Up there, Roy was struggling with keeping airborne, and had to do something to chase all the birds away. With a huge spread of his wings, he blew all the creatures away. He was planning to snatch the queen and run off, as much as bad it was, he did not fancy getting himself killed because of the King’s madness.

But by then, Wei Kang’s laser had finished charging... “SCATTER!” He yelled at Ilya, who scattered all his animals.

“GLYPH CANNON! FIRE!!!” A red beam of light shot out towards the direction of Roy, exploding upon contact.

“GRAAAAH!!!” He had tried to avoid the death beam, but it had still managed to blow a hole in his side, and he collapsed to the ground.

“Damn... You... People...” Roy started to lose control of his inner dragon form, and he started to let out huge gusts of wind energy. His muscles grew bigger and bigger, and his eyes turned into a crimson blood red.

With a burst of speed, he flew up next to Ilya, and grabbed his head with his hand/claw. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” Ilya screamed as Roy smashed him into the wall with his strength. It was clear that many bones were broken, and Ilya was definitely spending time in the hospital.

Wei Kang quickly activated his mechanical fire gauntlet and shot balls of fire at Roy, but it was easily deflected away by his wings, now fully stretched.

“Oh... Nooo.” Wei Kang muttered to himself as one of Roy’s wings hit him and threw him back.

“Oooof!” He landed on the floor dazed. When the stars had cleared from his vision, he saw Roy standing over him, a malicious grin fixed into his crazed face.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chapter 11 (Half Dragon, Half Man)

Chapter 11 (Half Dragon, Half Man)

The Behemoth lumbered into the throne room, it’s head scrapping the ceiling of the room. It was obviously annoyed and frustrated.

“Why have you called me my king? You know I hate enclosed spaces.”

“I have called you here as this man here has challenged me for the queen. As my Royal Knight, you will first prove to me and him that you are more than worthy of fighting him. Feel free to wreck anything. It’ll be fine, I’ll pay for the repairs. But please take it out to an open space if you really need it.”

A huge smile split over Isaac’s face. “Got it.” he grunted.

“GRAAAAAH!” Isaac swelled up his muscles and threw a punch at Roy. Roy quickly dodged it, and the punch blew a hole out into the open air. Before Roy could recover from his initial shock, Isaac aimed a kick at him.

Having no choice, Roy decided to unleash his powers.

“Unleash seal.” Roy called forth the inner dragon that resided inside him, calling forth its power. He turned a dark shade of black, his eyes turned from blue to an intense red. Black wings sprouted around him, and he used it to cover himself as the kick blowed him out into the open sky.

“Oooof!” Even though the wings had shielded him from the brunt of the blow, he was still amazed at how much force the behemoth possessed. He opened his wings only to see the behemoth jump out of the gap, lunging towards him in a body slamming position.

The both of them fell all the way down to the ground, landing with a big crash, and creating cracks with the ground. But Roy was not beaten that easily, his skin had been reinforced with dragon hide, and he had increased his strength by a hundred fold.

Heaving with his might, Roy pushed the now surprised behemoth off him.

“How can you match MY strength?” the Behemoth was bewildered.

“Hah, I will win you, and the woman I love!” Roy was buzzing with self confidence.

The pair traded blows for a while, and it was apparent that Roy had the upper hand, for the behemoth was not one for long battles. He was just too used to squashing his opponents dead, and not to have them fight back.

“I’ll *huff* get you *huff* for *huff* this...” The behemoth staggered and his strength faltered.

Roy saw his chance at defeating the behemoth once and for all. Mustering the element of wind in his fist, he burst at Isaac, thrusting his fist into the Behemoth.

“Take this! FATAL CRUSH!”

The impact of this skill was so great that it created a mini crater in the epicenter of the skill, and the behemoth was thrown 50 feet away.

*Pant Pant* “Looks like it’s over...” Roy looked back up to the throne room, to see Arthur looking down at him, a smirk on his face.

Was it over?

Thank you very much and I would appreciate it if people stopped ripping of my plot, my characters, my ideas and such. I continued writing under the persistent pestering of my "fans"?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stopped Writing.

Reason? Rip Offs. Know who you are. I don't take kindly to insulting of my ideas.

"cos people like isaac, copy my story, and claim he's not in any wrong and its ALL my fault." Quoted.

Uh yeah, that's about it. Isaac, if you're ever reading this, stop ripping off me. And I will not write again. Not here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Biodata 2

Name: Denise (Lee)
Age: 17 (Technically Arthur’s older than her)
Height: 1.60m
Sex: Female
Blood Type: B
Related to: Arthur (She’s his wife)
Number of Children: 3 (And counting)
Special Abilities: None
Not much is known about her background, but everyone knows she’s married to King Arthur, and yes, she is also well known for her look and beauty. And yes, she has a craving for durians when she’s pregnant. Naturally optimistic, able to help her husband out in times of great need.

Yes, the second biodata is out, and I've made changes to Arthur's biodata, and I added in his height. :)

Chapter 11 is coming out soon! (Hopefully)

Chapter 10 (The Vying For One)

Chapter 10 (The Vying For One)

“She’s just too beautiful...” Roy thought to himself.

Arthur caught the Dragon Knight looking at the Queen, and quickly assumed that something was up. He quickly cleared his throat.

“Ahem, Ahem... Here my dear Dragon Knight, is my wife, Queen Denise.”

Roy bowed down once more.

“I pledge my loyalty to both the King and Queen, and promise to help out as much as I can to ensure peace to the country.”

Even though he was pledging down his loyalty for the country, yet a new emotion was reaching out towards him, causing his chest to tighten. What was it? He had no clue himself either, for he was a man of few emotions, and being different from the norm had caused him to have close to no friends, so he mostly kept everything inside himself.

“And now, your duties will be.....” And so Arthur started blabbering about what a Royal Knight was about to do. Roy was actually only half listening, for all he was doing was to gaze dreamily upon the Queen, his mind wandering off...

That night, Roy was unable to sleep, his mind kept thinking of the Queen, her smile, how beautiful she looked with her white dress on in the fading sunlight. He told himself mentally “This must be love, I will fight for it!”

The next morning, the moment the sun rose, and the King was seated in the throne room taking visitors, Roy calmed himself down and went in with what he knew was an intolerable request.

“My dear King, in my village we have a custom, of men fighting each other for the heart of a woman.”

Arthur was puzzled, but he had a bad feeling about it.

“And so I would like to ask you permission for me to engage with you in battle for the heart and hand of the Queen, for I have fallen irrevocably in love with her. Please grant my request.”

Arthur was flabbergasted. “WHAT. THE.... HOW DARE YOU! I ACCEPT. BUT. First you must defeat my Royal Knights! Call the Behemoth!”

As the horns sounded for the Royal Knight Behemoth to come forth, Roy’s heart was beating like a sledgehammer, all the time wondering why was he so stupid to do such a thing. Truly love does drive people to the point of insanity sometimes, he reasoned with himself, even if it was a love at first sight.

Well, I decided to go with the "Love at first sight" arc, and now Isaac faces off with Roy! A battle of epic proportions is about to happen! And I'm not talking about muscles and fats only!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Character BioData 1

Name: Arthur Lee.
Age: 17 (He went for an underage marriage) TEEHEE.
Height: 1.65m
Sex: Male
Blood Type: O
Related to: Denise (He’s her husband)
Number of Children: 3 (And counting)
Special Abilities: Able to summon Appolow.
King of a faraway land, Arthur rules over his kingdom with his youth and he’s so called “Sexy” looks. But the truth is, without his Royal Knights and all, he’s just another boy you see on the streets. Call it Good Fortune.

Please do tell me what else you would like to see in the BioDatas. Appreciate comments.


Chapter 9 (A beautiful meeting)

Chapter 9 (A beautiful meeting)

Jun Hui stood up, legs trembling... “Must get her back....” Was all he could mumble out as he hobbled slowly across the charred terrain.

Without any updates from Jun Hui, Arthur was wondering if his Royal Knight had survived or died. After all, there was a huge explosion around the area where the dark cloud was, and the dark cloud had dissipated soon after. It was time to gather new talents, for 3 Royal Knights were just not sufficient enough to handle the crisis the country was facing.

Without further ado, Arthur sent out a royal decree seeking new and hopeful young heros who were dedicated to serving the country and ridding evil.

He was hoping to meet engaging and supportive young men and women over time, but after 3 days of unsuccessful applicants, Arthur was about to give up...

“Sigh, why must good men be few? Why must they all die young?”
“Don’t worry my lord, I’m sure there are many out there. It’s just that it takes time to find them...” Denise consoled him.

Ask the words were spoken, the door to the royal throne room slammed open, a huge gust of wind blowing in.

Standing in the doorway was a tall muscular man, with defined muscles, his eyes a fiery blue, expressing the freedom he was used to. Energy swirled around him like a tornado, and yet it was also controlled. The man instantly bowed down.

“Dragon Knight Roy reporting to your Highness!”

Then he looked up, and saw Denise. “Oh. My. Gawd.” He thought to himself...

Hey guys, I think I'll be uploading biodatas of the characters pretty soon, take it as a side project. :)

Next arc: What do you readers want?

1) WOY APPEARS (And apparently falls in love with the Queen)
2) Mitchel Hunts Down Pooven
3) Hakeem evil boss teams up with evil lollipop nercomancer Qi Ren

Please comment!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guys/Gals, I'll do minor editing I need to do on the latest chapter so far, as its quite a long one, but I'm kinda tired, so shall do it later. Need to tie up loose ends.

Chapter 8 (Part 5)

Chapter 8 (Part 5)
Jun Hui took a deep breath, and started to recite one of his complicated spells.

“εξήντα τέσσερις bringers της φωτιάς, λάβουν σοβαρά υπόψη την έκκλησή μου ... “(sixty four bringers of fire, heed my call...)

Spell insignias started forming around Jun Hui...

“Εκπληρώσει την επιθυμία μου, να κάνω...” (Fulfill my wish, do my bidding...)

One by one fiery fire balls started appearing and swirling around Jun Hui like a tornado...

“και να καθαρίσει αυτό το σκοτάδι!” (and cleanse this darkness!)

The fire spirits connected together, and formed one long fire dragon, speeding towards the now advancing army.

“Ελευθερώστε!” (Unleash!)

The fire dragon hit and exploded into a group of soldiers, vaporising them on the spot. But as quickly as they were destroyed, another group of soldiers filled in their spaces, like their whole supply was endless.
“This is hopeless...” Jun Hui muttered to himself, as he started casting spells in every direction, at every skeleton soldier he could see.

Ren stood behind Jun Hui, still in half a daze at the horrors which were unfolding in front of her. She knew Jun Hui stood almost no chance of winning, and yet she could do nothing...

The man in the dark robe noticed that Jun Hui was too busy fending off the soldiers to guard Ren, and he saw this as an opportunity to make his move.

“I the great evil necromancer Qi Ren will vanquish you all!” He conjured a purple lollipop condensed with dark energy, and fired a bolt of black magic at Ren, hoping to kill her with that strike.

“AHHHHHHH!” Ren’s shout made Jun Hui turn around. The dark energy was hurtling towards her, and he was too far and too slow to conjure a magic shield to protect her.

“NOOOO!” Jun Hui screamed, as time seemed to slow down, and the dark energy exploded on impact. Their was a blinding flash of light, and he was temporarily blinded...

Too see that Ren was unharmed, other than being knocked down to the ground.

The necromancer also looked surprised. “What the...”

Ren saw this as an opportunity to help out Jun Hui, as realization dawned upon her.

As Jun Hui blasted apart another group of skeleton soldiers, she went up to him and whispered in his ear.

“Open up a temporal portal. I’ll push him into it, and if their master is gone, the skeletons won’t fight anymore...”

“What, No! Why would I risk you? It’s impossible! You can’t stand against his spells!”

“I just did! I won’t get hurt by any form of magic, so just send me there...” Tears started rolling down her face.

Jun Hui didn’t know why, but his heart started feeling an unbearable pain... Yet his duty to the king was also as important. He knew sacrifices had to be made, but why did it hurt so much?

“Ανοίξτε την πύλη του σκότους, να ανοίξει τα βάθη της κόλασης, θα καλέσει σοι πύλητης μοίρας!” (Open up the gate of darkness, Open up the depths of hell, I summon thee gate of doom!)

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine... But just in case...”

Ren kissed him full in the lips. There and then, at the apex of their danger, they both
knew that they loved each other, but they were not meant to be.

Jun Hui’s tears were falling like raindrops, his whole body was shaking uncontrollably. Ren held on to him, saying “Calm down... Just focus...”

He started reciting the most powerful spell in his arsenal.

“Κύριος του ουρανού,
Λόρδος της κόλασης,
Δώσε μου δύναμη,
Δώσε μου τη σοφία,
Αστραπές από τον ουρανό,
Αλυσίδες από την κόλαση,
Τραγούδια από τους αγγέλους,
Κραυγές από το διάβολοι,
Καταστρέψτε αυτό το κακό μια για πάντα!”

(Lord of heaven,
Lord of hell,
Grant me power,
Grant me wisdom,
Lightning from heaven,
Chains from hell,
Songs from the angels,
Screams from the devils,
Destroy this evil once and for all!)

A single beam of light shot down from the sky, a beam of darkness rose from the depths. Both of them collided between, and created an explosion so fast that both Jun Hui and Ren were blown away. The evil necromancer used his purple lollipop and erected such a powerful magic shield and he just took on the full brunt of the explosion.

But all the skeleton soldiers were blasted away momentarily, and Ren ran all the way next to the necromancer, as Jun Hui’s portal opened up next to them.

“DIE!” She screamed at him, pushed at him , as he tried to kill her with his spells, but they were all nullified. With one final shove, she pushed the necromancer into the portal, and herself in it. That was the only way she could prevent himself from coming back out. At least the kingdom has happiness, she reasoned to herself.

Jun Hui collapsed to the ground, spent with grief and exhaustion. He had already seen it coming. Why did he let her go?